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. In weeks, not years, you or your child can learn life-preservation skills, water confidence and basic swim strokes. Customized PRIVATE LESSONS deliver quick results in a fun and nurturing environment. Experienced career swim instructors teach students of all ages to swim independently in any depth of water. SWIMTOTS are designed for ages 3 and under. SWIMTOTS group lessons experience water acclimation, fun, and with our direction and your support how to safely submerge and float, and when ready, how to swim and float. Many options for maximum comfort. Skilled Students? Customized SEMI-PRIVATE & GROUP LESSONS for continuing SwimGuru graduates. Ask for details. SWIM | SAFETY | STROKES | SNORKEL | SPECIAL NEEDS. Located inside LA Fitness-Mukilteo and 3 other locations! INCREASE WATER SAFETY | MASTER SWIM STROKES | ONLINE SCHEDULING 24/7 | THOUSANDS OF SAFE LESSONS GIVEN | INDOOR POOLS | FIVE-STAR REVIEWS | MEMBERS & NON-MEMBERS WELCOME Visit Request Info:

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